Friday, July 3, 2009

Good News on The South Fork

We've finally gotten some good news on the South Fork. Flows have begun to drop and it appears that The Bureau of Rec will continue to drop flows daily. They are forecasting the river to be down to around 15,000 CFS by next week and will drop the flows to between 12 and 13,000 where they should remain for the duration of the summer. This means the great fishing we have all been itching for is just around the corner. Word is the big bugs are beginning to appear on the lower river and should be making their way into the canyon over the next week. Knock on wood, but this could make for some epic dry fly fishing if flows continue to drop. We'll keep you updated as the reports begin to trickle in.

The other good news is that we are starting to fish the Teton regularly now and fishing is improving by the day. Visibility is good despite the high flows and streamers have been the ticket. As for The Snake in Wyoming... well, we're still waiting. It's down to 16,000 at Alpine as of this morning. All we can say is as soon as it starts to fish, we will let you know! Right now if you're looking to fish near Jackson you are best off headng into the parks for a day on the lakes or up in Yellowstone on The Firehole or Madison. Give the Orvis store in Jackson a call at 307-733-5407 for up to the minute info on fishing in the Greater Yellowstone area. Get out there and fish!!!

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