Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Report 3.30.12!!!

Unlike the 2011 fishing season, spring has come early to our area and there has been allot of fishing to be done.  A quick update for fishing in the area this weekend.

Snake River: Fishing has been excellent.  Mostly nymphing and limited dry action has been observed.  Skwallas should be right around the corner.  Streamers doing limited damage.
-Wilson Bridge - Open
-South Park Bridge - you must use the access on the south of the river until the gate is opened for Pole, Pedal, Paddle

Henry's Fork: Fishing well.  River open from Box Canyon to Upper Harriman Boundary and Lower Harriman boundary to Ashton.  Vernon downstream to the confluence is also open.  Fishing well, limited dry fly activity.  Best dry fly fishing has been around Warm River/Stone bridge.  Be careful and watch out for spawning redds in the river.  Watch you step!
Box Canyon - still snowed in
Last Chance - Snow
Osborne Bridge - Snow
Riverside - Snow
Warm River/Stone Bridge - Open
Ashton - Open
Vernon - Open
Chester - Open
Fun Farm - Open

South Fork:  Fishing good, nymphing by the Dam has been the best.  Streamer fishing has been ok but should only heat up as spring gets a firmer grip on the valley.  Water around Heise and Lorenzo has cleared and offered some great dry fly fishing.
Dam - Open
Huskys - Open
Irwin Slide - Open
Spring Creek Bridge - Open
Conant - Open
Cottonwood - Open - get ready for some Mud!
Wolf - Open
Byington - Open
Heise - Open
Lorenzo - Open
Menan - Open

Teton River: Open all year as of the new Idaho Fishing regulations.  Small streamers have been producing some great size and numbers of fish.  Dry fly fishing has been limited but it is ready to pop any day!  Dam - Hog Hollow and below - don't worry about it.

Fox Creek: Open but be ready for a nice muddy experience!
South Bates: Open
Bates: Open
Rainy's: Open
Packsaddle: you guessed it - Open
Harrop's: Open

Enjoy your weekend on the water!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why we like to fish with Dry Flies!!!

If this doesn't get you in the mood for dry fly fishing, then you have something wrong with you.  Our friend, Simon Perkins from Pro Outfitters, shows us the fine details of why we like dry fly fishing.

Dry fly fishing should heat up in the next couple of weeks here in the Jackson Hole/Teton Valley area.  Hopefully we don't experience the butt-kicking aspect of our favorite form of our favorite sport.

Friday, March 9, 2012

South Fork Trout Numbers Increase!!!!

A recent Idaho Fish and Game Report shows that the South Fork fish population, even after consecutive years of high flows, continues to increase.  The current fish counts resembled those of the mid 1980s, where the fish population was at its largest and most dense. 

“Our estimates are pointing to good fishing to be had this year,” said Brett High, regional fisheries biologist for Idaho Department of Fish and Game. - Now that's what we like to hear!!!

For more information check out - Jackson Hole News and Guide or the WCA Facebook Page.