Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best Fly Fishing Books for Beginners!

We often receive the question: "I am new to fly fishing, do you have a book that you recommend?"  You are in luck, yes we do.  The Curtis Creek Manifesto, published in 1978, was the first book that my father gave me when I became interested in fly fishing as a young boy.  It is easy to read, entertaining, and technically accurate.  This is a must for any angler, beginner or expert.  I still have my original copy, 15 years later, that I reference from time to time.  You should see my Curtis Creek Sneak!  You have to have the book though!

Need something more technical?  The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide will fits perfectly into any anglers library.  Recently updated, the author, Tom Rosenbauer, most likely did not set out to createmust have not have create the bible of Fly Fishing.  However, he did.  Great illustrations, diagrams and pictures make this book a must-have resource.

Click the links if you are interested in purchasing either of these books from our WCA Online Store!!!  You won't be disappointed!

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