Sunday, March 24, 2013

Introduce Fly Fishing to your family!!!!

We are lucky to live in such a great area to introduce families to fly fishing.  Check out some of these tips!

Fly Fishing is becoming more and more of a family adventure.  Oftentimes, families wonder if the river is safe for children. We explain that the most rivers are very user-friendly and many children have a great time, but we also try to be honest and try to accommodate our guests as best we can by using these guidelines.

  1. Safety first: Keep an eye on children at all times, and don’t take unnecessary risks. A fish is not worth risking a precious life.

  2. Set realistic expectations: Fly fishing is difficult for anyone, let alone children. We have found that kids under 9 can have great experiences, but they have a short attention span. So we try and focus the experience, instead of trying to catch large numbers of fish. 

  3. Explore the river: Rivers are full of cool little critters and rocks that are treasures in the minds of children 

  4. Stay positive: It is easy to get frustrated with a bad cast or a missed hook set. If you are going to introduce a child to fly fishing early, make it a positive experience. 

  5. Keep it Simple!

We all have great memories of someone who introduced us to fly fishing. Hopefully we can do the same for someone else.

Ryan Newman, author of these tips, is a guide for Rocky Mountain Outfitters in Heber City, Utah. 

The full article can be found on the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog.

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