Monday, April 15, 2013

Skwala's Spotted on the Snake River!!!

The first major large insect hatch of the season has commenced and sightings of the infamous Skwala stonefly have been reported on the Snake River in the Jackson area.  Bring on the dry fly fishing!

While the Teton Valley and Jackson Hole areas do not receive a significant and widespread hatch of these bugs like the Yakima and Bitteroot rivers; their are enough of them to create some great dry fly fishing opportunities with big bugs.  Basically, who doesn't like fishing foam bugs in the spring after a long winter of snow, wind and dreary days?

Tips for Skwala patterns!  Leave your fly on the water.  This is not the Salmonfly Hatch!  Water temps are still on the cooler side, so sometimes it takes fish a little longer to find the fly and raise up through the water column to eat it.  As we say, cast to your likely fish holding spot, mend, mend, mend and let that fly hunt!

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