Thursday, July 18, 2013

New WCA Trucker Hats in Stock!!!

Is your favorite fishing hat looking haggard, ratty, and gross.  We'll you are in luck!!!  We received a new shipment of Trucker Hats and they are fresh out of the box.  Don't despair if you are not in town or around the shop!  Check out our webstore, we have 6 different colors this year!  Fish on!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

South Fork Fires Up! Teton and Snake Fishing Well!

It's that time of year.  The time of year we all wait for and dream about during the winter months, early spring days on the water and early summer season.  The South Fork Salmonflies have made their way up to the Upper sections of the South Fork.  PMDs, Goldens, and Yellow Sallies are all over the riffles and fish are looking up and consuming dry flies!

The downside: the South Fork will be very busy the next couple of weeks.  Early and late floats are going to be very advantageous as well as thinking outside of the box and getting to water the masses have not touched or fished effectively.  As you may know, the South Fork is a very big river system so it can accommodate a large volume of traffic.  Flows are stable at 12,800 cfs which is very average for the South Fork of the Snake. 

Don't forget about some of our other water and river systems if you don't like the crowds.  The Teton is heating up and we have seen some awesome dry fly fishing and streamer fishing in the Upper Valley sections.  Big Bugs are out in the Canyon section and down low, so you can get your foam fix, not see any people, and enjoy some of the most beautiful surroundings that Rocky Mountain West has to offer.  The Snake continues to run high and get used to it.  It will be that way all summer with 5,000 cfs coming out of Jackson Lake dam until August.  Fishing has improved on the Snake and the Snake River tributaries like the Gros Ventre and Hoback are prime for walk wade fishing!

Our number one tip for the week: get out fish!