Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mutant Stone Provide Action On Top!

With the current water drops on the South Fork and Snake River, we have seen our large dry fly fishing pick up from the Classenia Sabulosa.  Classenia Sabulosa or commonly refereed to as Mutant or Nocturnal Stone, hatch during the middle of the night and skate on the water surface.  Skating big dry fly patterns in the early morning hours can provide some of the greatest takes and eat we see outside of the Salmonfly hatch during the early summer.

The PMDs are on their way out and Mahoganies are on their way in, especially on dark, cloudy days.  Fish are hiding on the riffles and ready to eat but not revealing themselves as much as we would like.  Believe us, they are there but sometimes are difficult to find.

Flat Creek in the National Elk Refuge is now open as well as the other spring creeks in the Jackson Hole area.  If you are looking to get out of the boat and hunt some fish on foot, this will be the place.  Things will be busy out there this time of year so be sure to show up early and be ready to stay out late. 

Summer is in full effect here and water temps are fish can get easily stressed this time of year.  Try to use the strongest tippet available and land fish as quick as possible.  Photos are ok, but minimize your catch's time out of the water

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