Friday, September 27, 2013

Snake River Flows to drop on 9/30/13

As summer leaves Jackson Hole and Teton Valley, fall arrives with open and welcome arms.  Day time temperatures as decreasing, we are receiving precipitation and gone are the days of the heat and dryness.  Fishing has improved with the cooler water temps as fish get ready for the long winter ahead.  This also means a change of flows on many of our area rivers.

The ramp down schedule for the Snake River at Jackson Lake Dam is listed above and scheduled from 9/30/13 to 10/15/13.

Henry's Fork Ora Bridge Rainbow

The Henry's Fork has come back into shape during the last couple of weeks and has been offering some great fishing opportunities.  Plenty of Baetis have been hatching and providing some good times chasing fish with dries.  Nymphing with baetis imitations, zebra midges, small pheasant tails, SJ worms and rubberlegs has been very productive as well as stripping streamers.  Fall on the Henry's can be very hard to beat.

WCA Guide Kasey Collins

While the South Fork defiantly had it's slow times during the previous portion of this month of September, fishing has picked up and improving daily.  Guide Kasey Collins shows off a great South Fork Brown trout his client caught while fishing streamers on the upper section.  There were plenty of other fish landed as well and we forecast the fishing to only improve as water temperatures cool down.  Baetis have also been spotted but let's be honest, we all love tossing streamers on the South Fork this time of year!

Dry Fly Fishing on the Teton River

Don't forget about the Teton River, the Snake in Jackson this time of year, as well as Flat Creek and the Green.  Our fish are defiantly reacting to the cooler temperatures and enjoying it very much.  The summer crowds are gone, the fish are happy and hungry and the bugs are hatching.  Defiantly a good combination and formula to create some great fall days on the water!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Anglo American withdraws from Pebble Mine!!!

Whether you are a salmon, steelhead or rainbow angler, this is important.  Whether you have visited Alaksa before or never plan on steeping foot in that US Sate, this is important.  It is an issue that effects all fisherman and the resources that we love and love to protect, because we love to fish.  It is an example that if we stand up and express our disapproval as angler and conservations, we can win a fight and eventually win the war!

On Monday, September 16th, 2013, the major partner behind the proposed Pebble Mine has decided to exit the project.

“The American people have spoken: they simply do not want the Pebble Mine built on top of one of the world’s great sport and commercial fisheries,” said Tim Bristol, Director of Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. “The EPA should quickly finalize its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and use its Clean Water Act authority to ensure the long term protection of Bristol Bay and its fishery. The science supports it, Alaskans support it, and hunters and anglers across the lower 48 support the EPA as well.”

Check out the Alaska Dispatch Article for more details!

However, the fight is not over!

Please help  in any of the following ways:

-Spread the press release below, discussing the overwhelming public support shown for EPA protecting Bristol Bay. The release is available online at

-Check out the posts on, the Save Bristol Bay Facebook group. There will be info graphics and posts all week, discussing the support shown nationally, in Alaska, and in Bristol Bay. Please re-post throughout the week!

-Post the story (above) of Anglo American’s decision to exit the Pebble project, along with Tim Bristol’s (Trout Unlimited) statement above.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Casting 4 A Cure on the South Fork!

Casting 4 A Cure from Trout TV on Vimeo.

"Casting 4 A Cure started with a need to help a little girl live a life up to her full potential. And an idea to connect that need with an industry filled with compassionate, caring, and generous people. By combining two of his passions, fly fishing and fund-raising, Bill Farnum and his wife Beth set off to help save their daughter Ella from a cruel and destructive disorder that has taken much from her and thousands of girls like her."

WorldCast Anglers is a proud sponsor and supporter of Casting 4 A Cure!  We do and help to make every cast one step closure to a cure

Friday, September 6, 2013

Airflo Fly Line Questions Asked and Answered!

If you haven't heard about or seen Airflo fly lines in the WorldCast Angler shop, we apologize.  We have been big fans and advocates of the Airflo products for sometime now and they quickly have been some of our favorite lines to fish with in the Rocky Mountain West, Tropical Destinations throughout the world and their spey lines, heads, and tips are some of the best in the business.

The Super Dri Story

Airflo's new SuperDir Compound is basically like a teflon coated fly line.  They repel water, dirt, and scum better than any fly line on the market while maintaining superior floatability and extreme shootability via the ridge design.  Did we mention they are PVC free so they will not crack and dry out like your normal fly line?  What's not to like here?

Choosing a fly line can be very difficult, especially with all the different options and tapers available. These helpful videos were just released by our friends at Airflo to help describe and break down the barriers of the different fly line tapers and applications.

 Super Dri Xceed Taper

 Super Dri Elite Taper

Super Dri Mend Taper

Super Dri River and Stream Taper

Just to reiterate the Airflo motto - "Float One!"

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hecuba Drakes Hatching!

To be honest, Timanoga hecuba, or Hecuba as many anglers commonly know it as, is one of our most favorite mayflies.  You ask why?  The Hecuba shows us the first sign of fall.  While the summer heat has been pouring it on us, the rain we have been receiving as of late has helped us cool down.  That in essence has cooled our water temps and kick started some hatches.  Like the Hecuba!  The other key point to remember is that you get to break out your drake fly box that you have stashed away since the end of June and beginning of July.  Get those Green and Grey Drakes out and fish away!

Now for the most important reason the Hecuba is one of our favorite bugs, the fish love them!  The Hecuba, or also called "Snake Drake," is the last large mayfly hatch of the year and the fish really need them to build up energy reserves for the winter.  Think of a bear's eating and consumption program before hibernation!  It's very similar.  As we said, this is the kick off to fall and no one is more excited for fall fishing (and football) than the WCA Guides and Staff.  Maybe the fish are excited too!