Friday, September 20, 2013

Anglo American withdraws from Pebble Mine!!!

Whether you are a salmon, steelhead or rainbow angler, this is important.  Whether you have visited Alaksa before or never plan on steeping foot in that US Sate, this is important.  It is an issue that effects all fisherman and the resources that we love and love to protect, because we love to fish.  It is an example that if we stand up and express our disapproval as angler and conservations, we can win a fight and eventually win the war!

On Monday, September 16th, 2013, the major partner behind the proposed Pebble Mine has decided to exit the project.

“The American people have spoken: they simply do not want the Pebble Mine built on top of one of the world’s great sport and commercial fisheries,” said Tim Bristol, Director of Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program. “The EPA should quickly finalize its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and use its Clean Water Act authority to ensure the long term protection of Bristol Bay and its fishery. The science supports it, Alaskans support it, and hunters and anglers across the lower 48 support the EPA as well.”

Check out the Alaska Dispatch Article for more details!

However, the fight is not over!

Please help  in any of the following ways:

-Spread the press release below, discussing the overwhelming public support shown for EPA protecting Bristol Bay. The release is available online at

-Check out the posts on, the Save Bristol Bay Facebook group. There will be info graphics and posts all week, discussing the support shown nationally, in Alaska, and in Bristol Bay. Please re-post throughout the week!

-Post the story (above) of Anglo American’s decision to exit the Pebble project, along with Tim Bristol’s (Trout Unlimited) statement above.

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