Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hecuba Drakes Hatching!

To be honest, Timanoga hecuba, or Hecuba as many anglers commonly know it as, is one of our most favorite mayflies.  You ask why?  The Hecuba shows us the first sign of fall.  While the summer heat has been pouring it on us, the rain we have been receiving as of late has helped us cool down.  That in essence has cooled our water temps and kick started some hatches.  Like the Hecuba!  The other key point to remember is that you get to break out your drake fly box that you have stashed away since the end of June and beginning of July.  Get those Green and Grey Drakes out and fish away!

Now for the most important reason the Hecuba is one of our favorite bugs, the fish love them!  The Hecuba, or also called "Snake Drake," is the last large mayfly hatch of the year and the fish really need them to build up energy reserves for the winter.  Think of a bear's eating and consumption program before hibernation!  It's very similar.  As we said, this is the kick off to fall and no one is more excited for fall fishing (and football) than the WCA Guides and Staff.  Maybe the fish are excited too!

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