Sunday, October 13, 2013

Streamers are the pick to win during the fall!

WCA Guide and Shop Staff Member Ben Rodgers

Its that time of year.  The time we all love.  Things have slowed down and the fishing improves.  The leaves are changing, the days are cooler and the brown trout are aggressive.  It's Fall in Teton Valley and Jackson Hole!  To be honest, the is nothing like it.

Fishing on the South Fork, Teton River, and Henry's Fork has been spectacular that past two weeks.  Baetis are hatching and the trout are looking up.  Dry fly fishing has been good on favorable weather days.  Streamers have proved to be effective, especially on the South Fork and lower Teton River.  Flows are low, so fish can be warey and spooky this time of year; however, they are hungry!

A Streamer got the best of this South Fork Brown Trout!

The current water drawdown schedule on the Snake River will end on October 15th.  Look for fishing conditions to improve on the Snake River as flows stabilize and settle down.  Unfortunately, Flat Creek, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are all closed due to the Federal Government Shut Down.  Hopefully they will get their act together so we can go fish the Lewis Channel before it closes on the first weekend of November!

Curious about Streamers?  We have compiled a collection of our favorite streamers to target fish during the fall fly fishing season!  It is everything you need to target the big fish we love while the leaves are changing.  We'll even throw in a free WCA Fly Box and Sticker with each purchase.  Available via the WorldCast Anglers Online Store!  Free USPS shipping with any domestic purchase over $50.00!

Selection includes:
2 - Flesh Meatstick #4
2 - JJ CH Sparkle Minnow #4
2 - Sculpin CH Sparkle Minnow #6
2 - Black Dungeon #2
2 - CH White Zuddler #4
2 - Sculpzilla #4
2 - Lead Eye Olive Bugger #6
2 - CH JJ Special #6
2 - McCune's Sculpin #4
2 - Natural Dungeon #2

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