Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow keeps falling - Water keeps piling up!

As many of you know, our rivers, lakes and streams depend on our winter season for their water supply in the summer.  After a very dry January, some began to worry about this coming seasons water supply and it's ability to affect our fishing.  Then it began to snow and snow some more.
Last weekend's storm dropped over 30+ inches in the mountains and boosted our snow pack snow water equivalency to 112 percent of average.  A very good place to be at this time of year.  Remember, our friends at Grand Targhee Ski Resort average 500+ inches of snow a season.  We will break the 300 inch mark this weekend with two more solid months of winter ahead!

Last year's dry and hot summer took a toll on our reservoirs and water storage in the Snake River Basin.  Currently we are sitting at 42% of capacity filled in the Upper Snake River Basin, almost half way there.  With a strong end to the winter season and a wet spring, we'll be in a perfect position for another perfect summer in the Tetons!

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